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Tyo Placenta has been at the forefront of placenta encapsulation for Chicagoland since 2014. An intensive, safety-focused certification process, a dedicated placenta lab, and a total commitment to serving all birthing people in Chicagoland makes this your easiest choice yet.

An Easier Postpartum Is Right Around the Corner. Really!

Placenta encapsulation, once the domain of the uber-crunchy, has hit the mainstream crowd in full force. If the Kardashians are doing it, why can’t you?

With Tyo Placenta, this powerful postpartum tool is yours for the taking.  When your little one arrives you’ll  be well on your way to an easier, faster postpartum recovery – leaving you more energy to snuggle that baby.

When it Comes to Placenta Encapsulation & Safety, There Are No Shortcuts

Adhering to strict guidelines set forth by the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA), you can be confident that your placenta is treated impeccably from pick-up to delivery.  A dedicated preparation space, a one-at-a-time processing rule, and more bleach than you’d imagine possible are just a few of the precautions that will set your mind at ease. Curious to know the nitty-gritty?  Just ask.

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I never even felt those baby blues! I felt more energy, more breastmilk, and best of all, a stable mood!

Merissa H.