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Would you like to know a little bit about the people that will be handling your organ and turning it into magic?

 Meet Kate Tyo – She/Her/Hers
Owner + Encapsulator

Placenta encapsulation has been part of my own three postpartum recoveries; one in Sweden and two in Chicagoland. I initially pursued placenta encapsulation as something to offer my doula clients.  Then, I found it to be a terrific way to stay connected to the birth world while taking care of my own tiny, wily beasts.  Now, providing placenta encapsulation for new parents in Chicagoland has grown into a true passion. Hearing from clients how encapsulation has helped them is the icing on the mutterkuchen (uh, that’s German for placenta)!

I’m delighted that you’re considering working with Tyo Placenta.  I am wildly passionate about birthing people getting all the support they can to have an incredible postpartum recovery.

While once a practice acknowledged by only the crunchiest crowds, placenta encapsulation has had such an impact on many new parents (and celebrities!). Slowly but surely it is making its way into the postpartum plans of birthing people everywhere. With Tyo Placenta, you are assured that your placenta is treated impeccably from pick-up to delivery.

My success in what I do is fueled by a passion to provide placenta encapsulation to clients as safely as possible; a trust that our bodies can nourish not only our babies but ourselves as well; and, by a deep belief that a little support goes a long way. I welcome the opportunity to be part of your postpartum support through placenta encapsulation and through providing you with referrals to other resources to make this one of the best times of your life! Yes, seriously.

Looking for more of me? 

Find out about my birth doula support at tyobirthcare.com

See my profile on VoyageChicago, or read my interview on BalancedBabe.com!

Meet Katy Collins, She/Her/Hers
Katy loves children and working with new parents. She was a nanny in high school before going to arts school in Minnesota (where she learned what cold REALLY felt like). Katy moved to Chicago in 2006 and continued her work with families (as a nanny) and children (while teaching theater camps and classes). She found doula work in 2012 when one of the parents she was nannying for got pregnant and Katy was with her as a support during labor and went on to care for her newborn. This was truly satisfying and Katy became passionate about birth and newborn care. She attended doula training in 2012, and certified in 2014 as a birth doula with ToLabor. She hit the ground running, volunteering with Chicago Volunteer Doulas and working with Birthways, Inc. She still works with Birthways as their Labor Support Coordinator and has seen over 100 births. In 2018 she became passionate about leaning more about placentas, the wonder organ, and signed up with APPA to train in its arts. She is thrilled to be starting her encapsulator journey! Katy brings so much to Tyo Placenta, including the option for clients to have their placentas processed in their own homes.  (If you’re interested in this option contact us!)
In her free time Katy can be found hosting Chicago Movieoke at the Whistler, acting with the two theater companies she is a part of (The BackRoom Shakespeare Project & Sideshow Theater), arm-wrestling in the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers, or preforming with her band (Mucca Pazza). She has a great web series called “The Doula is IN” where she talks all-things-doula. In her spare time she can be found reading books, drinking tea, and taking long walks on the beach.

“Kate was thorough, kind, and patient throughout the process. As a first time mother, the first few days felt overwhelming, but Kate helped alleviate some of my concerns. I would highly recommend her for placenta encapsulation.”

Sally, Chicago